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Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Digital Experience

“We’re so happy with everything so far and the approach Carter has taken, we really appreciate the update and all the hard work.”

Arthur Gillion, General Manager

The Brief

Helping reinvent the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix experience through digital transformation.

Everyone loves a new beginning. When Melbourne opens its doors to the world in 2021, new hopes and dreams can turn to reality, rivalries on the track are realised, and the stage is set for an unforgettable start to the F1 season. 

With this powerful state of mind, we set out to deliver an electrifying atmosphere digitally, one which reflects the incredible and sophisticated experience of the F1 Australia Grand Prix.

We partnered with an icon of Australia, motorsports to reimagine grandprix.com.au for a new generation of fans and the digital future of sports.


We aimed to bring the world the Formula 1 closer to the current, occasional, and new fans through building cultural relevancy and associations with passion points and references outside of the sport via music, fashion and film. 

By creating a platform to deliver relevant and dynamic content, the F1 Grand Prix brand and message can be delivered seamlessly based on the audience’s interests, location, and the time prior, during, and post the event.

The new digital platform activates engagement and creates anticipation months in advance, helping to drive participation and interest.

Through widening the digital exposure of the F1 Australian Grand Prix, we’re able to increase attendance, raise revenue and engage first-time patrons to further growth.


Four days, +2.82 million visitors and viewers

More than the race, we’re now able to engage audiences 365 days a year

Bringing the World of motorsport closer to current, occasional and new fans

Creating cultural relevancy and associations with the passion of the sport via music, fashion and film


The new platforms deliver a well-considered, tactile, and transparent information architecture helping to transform the perception of ticket scarcity and overcomes the distance and price barriers. 

By reimagining the customer experience and dramatically simplifying a complex and business-focused ticketing tool enabled greater audience engagement and increased purchase.


With the event globally recognised, it is an opportune moment to propel the brand forward. Enabling growth for both in new ways and activated new audiences, places globally to the sports in Australia and expanding the love and passion with existing fans required impeccable execution.

Growing audiences from exploration to conversion, persuading people on the peripherals of Formula 1 to become lifelong loyal customers is no small feat.

Championing a roadmap for ongoing engagement, enhancements, support strategy, and maintenance with AGPC for the years ahead.

Through widening the exposure to each event, we’re able to increase attendance, raise revenue and engage first-time patrons to further growth. 

Delivering a considered, tactile and transparent information architecture helps change the perception of ticket scarcity and overcomes global distances and price barriers. 

Re-imaging the customer experience through a dramatically simplified ticketing tool enables excellent audience engagement and purchase.

The platform now delivers relevant and dynamic content based on an audience’s interests, location and the time pre, during, and post-event delivers a seamless experience; it activates engagement and creates anticipation months in advance.

Australian Grand Prix digital platform is now the benchmark in Formula 1.



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