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Berlei, The Ultimate Online Store

"Users interacting with added functionality are converting at 3 times the site average."

eCommerce Manager

Pacific Brand upgrade profit guidance as strong online retail sales grow.

– Sydney Morning Herald


Berlei know women. Constantly evolving with their customers needs, Berlei were ready to extend this approach to the next evolution of the brand into the mobile-first generation, aided by a new digital style guide and conversion-focused path to purchase. With more than a third of total visits now coming from mobile, a refined experience was crucial. 


Carter had a well defined and measurable problem to solve thanks to user data; decrease cart drop off to increase sales.

Slightly more complex was the aesthetic. The Berlei brand is established, authentic and successful. Any concepts and style guides needed to enhance and respectfully evolve it, while supporting insights that demanded an improved mobile presence.


Data supplied by Berlei enabled Carter's UX team to identify how users where moving through the site and confirmed where opportunity lay for improvement.

Carter developed responsive templates that improved the path to purchase and prioritised the mobile experience. It’s a framework that supports these goals without sacrificing the needs of the content, including multiple variations and combinations of sizing across a wide range of products.

The new digital style guide maintained the brand’s core creative style while extending it’s support of the online experience.

Since launch Berlei has seen an over 50% increase in conversion rates on mobile. Talk about acing it.


  • 50% mobile conversion rate
  • 9% uplift in pages per session, and
  • 10% reduction in bounce rate



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Who are Carter?

Principals, James Noble & Paul Beardsell, are leaders in experience design.

We put people ahead of everything else, meaning our solutions transform the way customers interact with businesses in a rapidly changing digital world.

As on of Australia’s largest independent experience design agency, we select the right technology to deliver the right digital outcome to surprise and delight the people using them. This enables our partners to exceed their customers’ needs and grow their connection with them.

We have achieved sustained success in a world where technology, expectations and customer behaviour is constantly evolving. Our solutions constantly adapt to meet new trends and ensure our products remain vital.

We have won numerous accolades and awards on behalf of our clients since 2005 as acknowledgement of the consistent results we deliver.

Diverse Experise

Our fine folk sit at recycled timber desks, type on keyboards powered by rechargeable batteries, walk on carpet made from recycled tyres and plastic bags. They breathe air created by an in-office garden and drink tea heated by an environmentally-friendly kettle.

Carter is full service experience design agency that knows organisations are subject to all sorts of variables. We not only experienced, but big enough to respond to changing requirements by re-deploying resources as required.

We are an inclusive agency. While all based in Australia, we speak 19 languages and are a global team hailing from countries including Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Iraq, New Zealand, India, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. This expanse of experience allows for creative thinking and a true user-first approach, allowing us to solve complex problems and deliver simple real-life solutions daily.

Principal, James Noble, hand-crafted the fitout and furniture from recycled timber, layered and sealed using biodegradable glue. Now that’s commitment. 

UX Melbourne website design and development
Digital strategies and UX creative solutions.
Award winning UX agency in Melbourne
Think of creative user experience as ergonomics for your eyeballs.

Our Services

Speaking 19 languages and hailing from 11 countries, we produce the highest possible user experience for your business and target audience. Our creative thinking and innovation enables us to solve complex problems and provide effective global digital solutions.


- Your Vision -

It all starts with a discovery session where we will chat about your vision, requirements and expectations for your digital presence.

  • User experience (UX) recommendations
  • Technical and Information architecture (IA)
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Customer experience 
  • Competitor research and analysis


- It's Alive -

Translating your creative ideas into workable concepts, crafting the user experience, building strong, lasting solutions.

  • Creative direction
  • Information architecture
  • Digital strategy
  • Service Design
  • Wireframing & user experience
  • Concept design


- Lift Off -

We architect and develop, optimise the experience, test and launch. We then analyse, act on results and offer ongoing support.

  • Commerce development
  • Third party API intergration
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Social media integration
  • 1 on 1 Training

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